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[Chennai Trekking Club] [Pondicherry Coastal Cleanup III - 2016] - Pre Event on 4th June 2016

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Pondicherry Coastal Cleanup III - 2016 (Individual) Registration

June 19th, 2016 - 6am @ Auro Beach

About the Event

Chennai Trekking Club is organizing a mega Coastal cleanup event every year in the month of June to create awareness among people. Besides several environmental conservative programs and outdoor activities, this coastal cleanup event is being organized for the past 7 years at Chennai and for the past 3 years at Pondicherry along 10+ cities of South India. There are about 15 thousands of volunteers from Schools, Colleges and corporate companies are getting together from every part of India and participating in this social initiative by covering more than 15km coastal line of Chennai, 2 km stretch of Pondicherry and several ponds. This year Pondicherry Coastal cleanup program is scheduled on 19 June at Auroville, near Pondicherry, as its third year event along with 10+ cities on same date towards this awareness, Volunteers of CTC Pondicherry wing actively involving in this event for the past one month to create awareness at Pondicherry people by conducting several pre-program events. Pondicherry Volunteers are doing cleanup events at Pondicherry University beach, Valrampet lake and are doing cleanup walks at Pondicherry Rock beach on every weekends to sensitize the general public for the less usage of plastics and to develop the practice to put wastes in dust bins. In order to make practice to avoid plastics on day to day life, an initiative called NoPlasticChallenge is being followed and a lot of people are being challenged to reduce and avoid plastics for 5 days. All the awareness program are being published and promoted through social media.

An awareness drawing event for kids in the topic "Avoid plastic" will be held at Gandhi Park near Rock Beach by 4:30 pm. The main objective of this event is to educate the kids and their parents on usage of plastics and make them follow Reduce,Reuse,Recycle and Reject plastics. As a toke of appreaciation a certificate will be given for each participants. Materials for the event will be provided by the Organizers.

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The Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) is a 24 thousand member non-profit volunteer based organization. It's one of the largest and most active outdoor groups in South India which provides a platform for like-minded outdoor and sports enthusiasts to connect through hundreds of outdoor events organized throughout the year. The group creates environmental awareness through many green initiatives including tree plantations, organic farming and coastal cleanups. CTC promotes an active lifestyle through various sports events including marathons and triathlons. Last year 1500 runners participated in the Chennai Trail Marathon, Javadhu Hills Ultra and Chennai Triathlons. The group also tries to instill social awareness by organizing social treks for the less privileged.


    Event Videos and Photos

    Our last year progress Video

    Auro Beach

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    Auro Beach

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    Auro beach

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    What we did

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    What we did

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    Velrampet Lake Cleanup

    Drawing Competition - Venkata Nagar Park

    Drawing Competition - Botanical Garden


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    Last Year

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    Man - evolution and pollution

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