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[Chennai Trekking Club] Re: Emperors Trek to Nagala East - August 16,17

Thanks for the overwhelming response. Registrations for this trek is closed now. Further communications will be with the shortlisted participants only.


On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 5:43 AM, Vibin Dhamodharan <> wrote:

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Emperors Trek to Nagala East - August 16,17

Here is another Trek from the Emperors to scale up your fitness level in Trekking..

Surprised with the photos and write ups of the treks and waiting to start up with one? This is a call for you.

Along the Never ending streams, lush green jungles, refreshing cool pools

​Some natural slides...​

​Chaotic waterfalls to refresh your body and soul​

Stay at a scenic place with stars above in the deep dark sky lying next to the campfire

Emperors Trek = Maximum Adventure + Maximum enjoyment + Best Trekking Experience.

Difficulty level
This is an Moderate two day trek with little climbing and hiking. Trekkers need to be prepared to trek even if it rains. This trek is open to all members of CTC with a do or die attitude and good fitness level.

Who can Apply?
Everyone from CTC is welcome.But Preference will be given to Social Workers. Mentally and Physically strong freshers also can apply.

Team size:

​Team of around 20 trekkers.

Cost for traveling + food and snacks. It should come around 800 INR.(Will be collected in advance from the shortlisted participants)
CTC is a non-profit group and accounts will be shared transparently with all participants.

Minimize your luggage to walk comfortably

Must Carry Items:

1) Good walking shoes & a pair of chapels to move around in the camping site.
2) Small/compact back-pack to carry water, food + essentials only
3) Thick Blanket or Sleeping bag
4) LED torch for night trekking and campsite
5) One extra set of clothes to sleep dry at night
6) Two reusable PET bottles, bowl and spoon
7) Fully charged camera
8) Food and transport will be taken care of by the organizers
9) Extra cash – Rs. 500.
10) Non Swimmers - Swimming tube (must)


Given the challenging trail and lots of climbing it's ESSENTIAL to travel LIGHT - use a small/compact backpack. Any big/heavy backpack will make difficult for yourself.

In case you get shortlisted and not able to make it to the trek, inform the organizers ASAP. Members who register for events, get confirmed and drop out without informing the organizer will be blacklisted from joining future CTC events.

*CTC Trekking*

*Member Guidelines*


All participants must read and sign CTC event disclaimer.

*IMPORTANT* "Participants who engage in irresponsible, disrespectful or unsafe behavior will be blacklisted from future CTC events"

"Feedback or complaint from any CTC member on the group, event, organizer, safety or accounts can be raised to the"


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