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[Chennai Trekking Club] Re: Trek Polamaa 2015 - Symposium on Outdoors, Sports & Environment , Feb 28-Mar1 - Registrations

Momentum for CTC's Premier Anniversary Event is building up - 150 members have registered to get inspired this weekend ! Don't miss this once in a year opportunity to get inspired by role models, meet your fellow members and organizers, check out various outdoor gears, etc. - Register here

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Various sponsors and stalls will be displaying outdoor gears at the venue:

For over a decade now we have channelized our passion for the outdoors into creating reliable gear that truly stands for the outdoors. Wildcraft today stands for trust, that all our customers, whether it is the outdoor enthusiasts or the urban travellers, place in us and our products. We stand for a passion that has intrinsically worked towards creating products that can endure the resilience of the great outdoors.

Looking for a good brand MTB, road bike or Hybrid? The best store in town is Pro-Bikers at OMR near SRP tools which has a wide display of various models of good quality imported cycle brands which are built to last for many years. Pro-Bikers also provides good post-sales servicing and has been supporting CTC in a number of Triathlon and MTB events.

We at Wolfpack believe that life is meant to be lived outdoors, wild and free. Suited and booted, chained to routine, sedated by the mundane is not how its supposed to be. We believe that the beauty of the earth cannot be constrained by four walls. And as hard as it may seem to be, somewhere inside each of us there is a primal instinct drumming away. The one that urges you to feel the wind in your hair, the sand at your feet and to shout out loud while thumping your chest. Welcome to WOLFPACK. A celebration of your wild side, outdoor bonafide, your inner child. Products to hold on to that impulse even in today's mundane world. Products that inspire the outdoor attitude. So for a moment, throw off the shackles, howl at the moon. Get real. Join the Wolfpack. It's an attitude.

Outlife is supporting the CTC Trek Polama 2015 as a sponsor. Outlife is an Outbound Learning and Behavioral Training company that offers experiential learning for Team Building and Leadership Development. Outlife conducts trainings out of Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi. The Outlife Team consists of a team of passionate, certified and experienced facilitators with human resources, psychology and adventure expertise. Contact: 04068888087

reStore is a 7-year old not-for profit organic shop currently located in Kottivakkam, Chennai. Founded and managed by volunteers, reStore sells 100% organic foods, eco-products and books. They source products based on personal visits and building trust with organic small farmers and producers. reStore hosts talks and workshops on a variety of topics relating to urban sustainability, gardening, health, environment, alternative education and so on. reStore's management committee works in an inclusive non-hierarchical way involving all those who are affected by the decisions taken.

NammaBoomi's zero waste

Welcome to Nammaboomi! By stepping into Nammaboomi, you have taken one step forward to save our EARTH! Nammaboomi has emerged out of the shackles of innumerable non-degradable wastes that's haunting us day by day. We at Nammaboomi relentlessly search for eco-friendly, bio-degradable, natural alternatives. By way of eco-friendly products we endeavour to stop our blue planet from becoming a dangerous dumping yard of hazardous plastic and chemical wastes. With your support, we will strive to save mother EARTH. Our search continues…

Just like last year the Tamilnadu Forest Department will set up a stall showcasing the various programs it's running across the state. They will also display multiple varieties of saplings across the venue to educate the audience of the native tree species. Mr Ram Prasad,  Ast. Director (Retd) Tamil Nadu Forest Department & Chief Consultant - Tamil Nadu Biodiversity Conservation Project will be presenting a talk on responsibility of society in conservation. CTC collaborates in many areas with the TN Forest Department in tree plantations and conservation.

Like previous years we are setting up a Blood Donation counter at the venue which will be open on both Saturday and Sunday during the mornings 9am-1pm. We sincerely request visitors of Trek Polamaa to drop in and donate to save lives. Register here to intimate your intention to donate.

As usual our refreshment counter will be present to serve you yummy buttermilk, tang and biscuits to keep you energized throughout the speaker sessions:

Various news channels would be covering our symposium this year - stay tuned !


CU at the venue!

On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 11:30 AM, Peter Van Geit <> wrote:

Trek Polamaa 2015 - Symposium on Outdoors, Sports & Environment - Feb 28-Mar1 - Registrations

Welcome to the 6th year edition of the Chennai Trekking Club's Trek Polamaa Symposium

Each year we invite 10 inspirational guest speakers from across South India and beyond to Chennai to talk about and share their passion on the areas of outdoors, sports and conservation. This year again we lined up 10 interesting topics brought to you by 10 unique individuals. Come and indulge yourself on Feb 28-Mar 1 at ePagemaker, Tirunvanmyur.

Note: Our 10th speaker is being finalized and will replace myself in the first slot

ePagemaker, Tirunvanmyur, Chennai,80.254424,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x3a525d5d629d82d7:0xea4840e25da07d16

Saturday Feb 28 & Sunday Mar 1
10am-12pm & 2pm-5pm


Trekking Bootcamp - 10am
Peter - Founder Chennai Trekking Club

Trekking in India - 11am
Arjun - Founder India Hikes

Sustainable Living - 2pm
Arun - Founder Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network

Foresting and Water Conservation - 3pm
Kate - Project Director Sadhana Forest India

Living with Elephants - 4pm
Sara - Wildlife Cameraman, Filmmaker


Dating your past through Temples - 10am
Manick - Founder and CEO of iMMi Life

Roles and Responsibilities of Society in Environmental Conservation - 11am
Ram Prasad - Ast. Director (Retd) Tamil Nadu Forest Department

Science in Conservation - 2pm
Arun - Founder Environmental Foundation India

Chennai Wildlife Rescue - 3pm
Nishant, Shravan - Save Earth for Next Generation

Cycling to Heritage - A Retrospective - 4pm
Ramanujar - Founder Cycling Yogis



We welcome sponsors to set up a stall at the venue and help us share the expenses of the event.

Interested parties please email

PHOTOS (last year)


150Rs per head (for both days) to cover the event expense (video/audio, speaker travel cost, snacks, drinks, ...)

(to be paid at venue)

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Peter Van Geit
Life starts at the end of our comfort zone

Peter Van Geit
Life starts at the end of our comfort zone

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