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[Chennai Trekking Club] Re: Invitation - Beach Troll+Mountain Trek - December 25-28, 2014


We got some dropouts and hence, opening up the registration once again. Register using the link below, BUT READ THE TRAILING MAIL FIRST :-)


Ravi S Ghosh

On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 1:42 PM, Ravi S Ghosh <> wrote:

We have some seats available for this beach+mountain trek. In case, you missed to register, here is your another chance to join us.



​ONLY 4-DAY TREK, NO 2 DAY OPTION AVAILABLE: We are booking a vehicle/bus and not taking public transport. Hence, it would not be possible for some to do a 2-day trek ​and catch bus afterwords as mentioned in initial invite (seats in the vehicle being booked would return vacant, hence increasing the cost).

CONFIRMATION: Please confirm your presence by:
1. Transferring Rs 1000 to the below account preferably by IMPS.
Name: Ravi S Ghosh
A/C No: 000201048323
Bank: ICICI Bank
Branch: Bangalore / MG Road Branch.
IFSC Code: ICIC0000002
Ph no for IMPS: 8050158015
2. Mention your name in transaction detail while transferring.
3. Mention the transaction no while registering yourself in the registration form.

WHEN WE START FROM BANGALORE: December 24, 2014 - around 9-10 p.m.
WHEN WE RETURN TO BANGALORE: December 29, 2014 - around 7 a.m. We can try to start early and reach little early as the vehicle is with us, but no guaranties.

Plan your travel from Chennai accordingly with enough buffer time for unforeseen events.

TREK COST: Around 2000. (Transport Cost + Food Cost + Trekking Permission Cost (if any) + Whatever we spend ​en route) / No of participants. Cost involves to and from Bangalore only. Travel costs from Chennai not included.

1. If you confirm your presence and drop out later for whatever valid or invalid reason, we might not be able to refund your advance because your seat would go vacant. Given the trek cost is already high, others would not like to pay for your mistakes. If someone else joins in your place, we will use your advance to subsidize the cost for others because dropping out is a bad habit which should be punished :)
2. If you are not selected due to limitations of transport, etc., full amount would be refunded.

1. This is only a 4-day trek. No 2-day ​trek option available.
2. Start from Bangalore - 24 Dec 9/10 p.m.
3. Return to Bangalore - 29 Dec 7 a.m.
4. You need to take care of your logistics from Chennai to Bangalore on your own and/or join other guys traveling (i will put you in the email thread with other folks from Chennai).

​NEED TO TALK: Call Ravi @ 8050158015/9480508015 only after 5 PM till tomorrow 5 AM (I'm a night owl).​​


Ravi S Ghosh

On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 1:37 PM, Ravi S Ghosh <> wrote:
If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

Invitation - Beach Troll+Mountain Trek - December 25-28, 2014

It's a combo, 2 days of beach trek from Honnavar to Bhatkal followed by climb of Kodachadri Hills in Mokambika Wildlife Sanctuary.

OBJECTIVE: Spend 4 days of your life with some interesting people on this earth under the open skies, green ocean, and clueless wilderness on December 25-28, 2014.

PHYSICAL FITNESS: It would be an moderate trek with focus on endurance, 4 days of continuous walking. Superman need not apply.

When: Starting on December 24, 2014, Wednesday, around 8 p.m. Return by December 29, 2014, Monday morning.
Where: Western coast, Honnavar to Bhatkal on first 2 days, followed by Kodachadri Hills.
Terrain: Never ending beaches, vast see, dense forest, climbs, chilled nights.
Difficulty: MODERATE+ (ability to endure 4 days of walking).
Distance: 40 km of walk on the beach, 15 km of climb up, 15 km of climb down.
Expense: Around Rs. 1500 - 2000.

PLAN B: In case, you wish to join us just for the 2-day beach trek, Dec 25-26 and return on Dec 27, Saturday morning, you are welcome to do so. Select the right option below and your tickets would be booked accordingly.

ADVANCE PAYMENT: To and fro bus tickets would be booked by the organizers off Bangalore (NOT CHENNAI). Upon selection, you would be send details of the account and would be required to transfer Rs 1000 towards tickets and DON'T COME SAYING YOU WOULD PAY LATER.

This amount would be nonrefundable in the event of you dropping out because tickets would be booked in groups and it might not be possible to cancel single ticket and more importantly, the organizers have a full time job to do.

The cost calculation remains the same as before:

Per head cost = (total cost incurred) / (no of participants)

LIMITATIONS: Participation is limited to only lighthearted (read crazy ass) individuals from whom one cannot expect formal social behavior, who pitches in to help team mates as if they know them for years, who volunteers in team activity regardless how tiresome the trek has been. Serious guys, delicate darlings, and lazy bums should go to other commercial clubs. This ain't the place for you. We don't trek to update FB status.

SELECTION OF PARTICIPANTS: Shortlisting and admission to this trek is at the sole discretion of the organizers and will be chosen based on his/her whims and fancies.

DROPOUT POLICY: Advance payment would not be returned and would be utilized to subsidize participants' costs.

WHO CANNOT REGISTER: We strongly discourages following people to participate:
1. People who do not contribute/volunteer in any way.
2. People with adrenalin-seeking / risk-taking tendency who put their as well as others life in trouble.
3. People registering quickly and dropping out in the last few days (many aspects of a trek are arranged in advance based on the headcount).
4. People who show "attitude" (we welcome only those with selfless attitude who gel well with and provide a comfort level to others in the group).
5. People who litter (anyone throwing plastics, bottles, ... is not welcome in CTC).
6. People who are self-centric, who search for the best place to sleep as soon as they reach camp site, get ready with the cups and plates as soon as the food is ready. In CTC, we share everything except the undies. The entire team is an organism and those self interested individuals are like cancer damaging the rest of the body. The above kind of people should avoid us as their lives would be at risk of being pushed down the cliff. WE ARE FANATICALLY SERIOUS ABOUT SELFISH PEOPLE.

7. We are united by the passion of trekking and not by relations of the city world. People should not come forward with requests asking entry for their friends and partners. If you and your friend register and only you are selected, then you may opt out of the trek but it would be considered dropout and you would be required to share the cost incurred on your behalf.

What is a CTC trek? -
What to carry during a trek? -
Do's and don'ts during a trek -

DISCLAIMER: Trekking involves inherent dangers including rock climbing, swimming through water pools, wildlife (snakes, etc.), and hostile trek mates among others. There is fair possibility of injury, loss of property, or even death because of multiple factors including but not limited, drowning, snake bite, elephant chase, falling from height, loose rock falling on head, sunstroke, dehydration, food poisoning due to bad water, high fever causing death. Even good swimmers can get cramp and drown in unpredictable waters.

Please read the "Caution" page on the CTC web site - "" to understand the risks which you are about to undertake.

The participants should understands that trekking is dangerous by nature and decide to join the trek on their own taking the complete responsibility of their lives and property.

CTC and its organizers are not responsible for any accidents or injuries during the trek. They are also not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property.

*IMPORTANT* "Participants who engage in irresponsible, disrespectful or unsafe behavior will be blacklisted from future CTC events"

"Feedback or complaint from any CTC member on the group, event, organizer, safety or accounts can be raised to the"

*CTC Trekking*

*Member Guidelines*

*CTC event disclaimer*

All participants must read and sign CTC event disclaimer.

WHOM TO CONTACT: For trek related queries, email the organizers only UNDER THE SAME THREAD. DO NOT SPAM THE WHOLE GROUP.

1. Poulomi -
2. Ravi -

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